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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a tried and tested technology and since the government’s FiT subsidy came to an end, the PV market has gone from strength to strength.

Solar PV has become the go-to solution for commercial businesses who want to invest in onsite low carbon technologies, whether the driving force is the fantastic return on investment, or tackling the climate crisis.

Noble Green Energy deliver commercial Solar PV projects nationwide for high energy using clients across a variety of sectors, including; manufacturing, automotive, chemical, food/drink, printing and agriculture.

We always provide the highest level of professionalism and offer a full turnkey service, so the customer can be guaranteed peace of mind and a Solar PV system that delivers on expectations.

Solar PV returns have never been better (the ROI is higher now than when the FiT was in place!). This is because the cost of equipment has fallen so dramatically and energy costs have continued to rise.

By using your electricity usage data, we can design the optimum sized PV system which will deliver the best possible ROI. The key to a successful project, with returns of 12% – 18%, is making sure that you use at least two-thirds of the power generated from your PV system.

Noble Green Energy only install the highest quality products from Tier 1 manufacturers, fitted to exceptionally high standards and due to the scale of our business, we are incredibly competitive on price.

12-18% annual ROI for commercial Solar PV

Benefits of Solar PV

Our Solar PV capability ranges from 10kW to 5MW.

Asset Finance and Power Purchase Agreements are available to fund any Solar PV project.

How are you paid?

As well as being a reliable source of energy to meet the electricity demands for your business, solar installations also attract payment incentives on the energy that you produce. 

A saving on your
energy bill

Each unit of electricity produced by your solar panels that is consumed on site, meaning you don’t have to buy from the Grid. The more energy that you use, the better your returns will be.

An export tariff

For additional electricity produced by the solar panels that is not used by your business. This is sold to the Grid for around 5p per unit.

We also specialise in inverters, battery storage and Solar-Log remote monitoring to increase the efficiency of your solar PV system even further.

Bolton Broiler growers extend solar PV installation to 200kW

The Robinson family from Blackrod, Bolton, are broiler growers – a business which uses a large amount of electricity. Like many businesses, their energy costs were steadily increasing which prompted the decision to look into ways of reducing their energy bills…

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