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Finance and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Noble Green Energy have strong historical links with asset finance lenders who are happy to support our technologies and customers. The strength in depth of our business, coupled with our product knowledge and quality means that lenders often look favourably on our solutions. We are happy to make introductions between our clients and asset finance lenders, and provide all the necessary help and technical documentation.

Should the capital expenditure not be a convenient way forwards, Noble Green Energy can offer ”Free” solutions for delivering energy savings and sustainability through a PPA.

A PPA allows a carefully chosen investment partner to cover the cost of your equipment and installation, with the agreement to sell you the energy produced at a pre-agreed rate over a set term.

You help alleviate the climate change crisis whilst guaranteeing your low carbon energy and shielding your business from energy price rises – at no upfront cost!

Benefits of PPAs

There is the option to buy back the equipment at any time – or, after the term of the agreement, the ownership of the equipment reverts to your business. You can now demonstrate your commitment to reducing your carbon output to employees, customers and your industry without it costing you anything.

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