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Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a very efficient method of generating heat and electricity from a single process and energy source – in this instance, natural gas.

CHP delivers lower energy costs and reduces carbon emissions and is the ideal technology for businesses who have high electricity usage/costs, spare gas supply and long working hours.

CHP units are designed to convert natural gas into electricity and then capture waste heat from the engine and the exhaust gases and convert this into useable heat. This heat can be used for low temperature hot water, thermal oil or even to support steam boilers.

By capturing this waste heat, CHP units can have efficiencies of up to 85%, which can amount to huge savings on your energy costs. Excess electricity can be exported to the grid for further financial reward.

Your ROI and payback period very much depends on the price you pay for your gas and electricity. The greater the gap between the two, the greater the savings.

By using your electricity and gas usage data and understanding how you use energy and heat onsite, we will design the optimum sized CHP system which will deliver the best possible returns.

Noble Green Energy deliver Natural Gas CHP projects nationwide for clients across a variety of sectors, including: manufacturing, chemical, textiles, care homes, hospitals and leisure centres.

Benefits of Natural Gas CHP

We always provide the highest level of professionalism and offer a full turnkey service.

Noble Green Energy only install the highest quality products from Tier 1 manufacturers, fitted to exceptionally high standards and due to the scale of our business, we are incredibly competitive on price.

Asset Finance and Power Purchase Agreements are available to fund Combined Heat and Power projects.

2 - 3 year Payback for Natural Gas CHP

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