Bolton Broiler growers extend solar PV installation to 200kW

"Would definitely use Noble Green Energy again" The Robinson family in Blackrod, Bolton


The Robinson family from Blackrod, Bolton, are broiler growers – a business which uses a large amount of electricity. Like many businesses, their energy costs were steadily increasing which prompted the decision to look into ways of reducing their energy bills. After looking at several options, they opted for alternative, renewable energy as the way forward. After considering wind energy, the planning process for a turbine seemed complicated and time-consuming and so they opted for solar instead. Planning permission is required for all ground-mounted solar arrays but the process is straightforward.

The Requirement

The Robinson’s had previously installed a 50kW system with another installer. After making the decision to expand, they found that their original installer was no longer in business. Researching into other renewables companies, they contacted Noble Green Energy and after an initial site visit with fully costed proposal, went ahead with the installation and commissioning of a 200kW ground-mounted system. The family were very happy with how site surveyor explained the process to them and the installation itself was very smooth. The ongoing back up and support from Noble Green Energy was very reassuring too.


The Robinson family had considered entering into a rental agreement in the past, but with Noble Green Energy, opted to purchase the system outright. The finance for the system was made available through Lombard’s. The system was projected to generate £36,519 per year (an annual ROI of 13.8%) but has been generating £41,745 (15.8% ROI).

Added value

For the Robinson family, the best thing about increasing their solar PV is that they now enjoy getting paid by the electricity company, rather than paying the electricity company for their energy. The Robinsons stated that they would definitely use Noble Green Energy again and regularly recommend them to others.

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