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Smart battery storage technology is now in a position to offer real savings.

The way we manage and consume our energy is changing, with many businesses generating their own power, topping up from the grid during cheaper periods.

Smart battery storage technology is now in a position to offer real savings.

In its basic form batteries compliment existing onsite renewables by storing excess power to be used when needed later, instead of it being exported to the grid.

With pressure on the national infrastructure, businesses find their electricity prices rising though expensive time of use costs, when wholesale costs remain broadly constant.

Smart battery installations help combat these rising costs by utilizing load shifting to maximise benefits by pre charging with cheap grid power to use during the most expensive purchase periods. i.e. charging overnight on a cheap Economy 7 tariff to use in the morning before a solar PV system is able to meet demand, or just before the expensive DuoS red period 4pm – 7pm. This dual use of batteries means attractive returns can be delivered.

Benefits of Battery Storage

Noble Green Energy offer commercial battery solutions from 13kWh upwards, to suit all applications from various manufacturers. In-house detailed modelling against generation and usage is used to find suitable battery sizes for indoor or outdoor applications.

We are Tesla certified installers

We are Tesla certified installers but also design using other technologies and manufacturers to ensure the best solutions are presented to our clients.

Fully costed quotes including installation, O&M and remote monitoring are available.

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