Solar PV

12-18% annual ROI with solar PV
for your business

We make investing in commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) as hassle free and efficient as possible. Beat rising electricity costs for your business by installing solar PV panels.

Recent government reforms have driven down installation costs meaning that solar PV now provides even greater value for money. Generate your own electricity with lower start-up costs and receive fantastic labour free returns!

The benefits of solar PV are:

  • Protection for your business from rising energy costs
  • Generate an income through the Government funded Feed-in Tariff, indexed linked for 20 years
  • Increase your green credentials
  • Low maintenance
  • 25 year warranty on panels
  • Remote monitoring options

Working alongside a number of Tier 1 solar PV manufacturers, we provide energy saving solutions throughout the UK to the industrial, agricultural and commercial sectors.

How you are paid.

As well as being a reliable source of energy to meet the electricity demands for your business, solar installations also attract payment incentives on the energy that you produce. The Government funded Feed-in tariff (FIT) is a payment guaranteed for 20 years. It has three benefits:

1. A Feed-in tariff – this is a government incentive to install solar panels. It is payable on every unit (kWh) of electricity produced for 20 years.

2. A saving on our energy bill - each unit of electricity produced by your solar panels that is consumed on site, meaning you don't have to buy from the Grid. The more energy that you use, the better your returns will be.

3. An export tariff – for additional electricity produced by the solar panels that is not used by your business. This is sold to the Grid for around 5p per unit.

We also specialise in inverters, battery storage and Solar-Log remote monitoring to increase the efficiency of your solar PV system even further.

Wondering how much you could save by installing solar PV?

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