Make lighting last up to 25 times
longer with LEDs

Businesses can boost their green credentials and save money quickly by making the switch to energy saving LED lighting. Lasting up to 25 times longer than traditional lighting, LEDs reduce energy costs by using less power. They considerably improve light quality and visibility in both commercial and agricultural properties.

Benefits of LED’s include:

  • Electricity savings of between 55-90% compared to traditional lighting
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Don’t get hot or contain hazardous material, making them safer
  • Durable and resistant to shock, vibrations and external impacts
  • Produce close to zero UV emissions
  • Low maintenance and replacement costs

Unlike traditional lighting, LED lights have the flexibility of being tailored to specific lighting spectrums depending on their purpose. Alongside improvements to visibility, LEDs have a positive effect on the health and well-being of employees, with a spectrum closer to natural daylight. They can be softened, add warmth and are dimmable. LEDs provide similar welfare benefits for poultry and livestock too.

As with any installation undertaken by us, a full site survey and detailed 3D design is created prior to an installation. This ensures that LUX levels and emergency lighting requirements are fully HSE complaint for your business.

A typical LED light retrofit provides a 25-50% return on your investment with a payback period of between 2-4 years. To find out more or to arrange a site visit, please get in touch.

Read about an LED retrofit installation that we carried out at a timber merchants in South Wales

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