Battery Storage

Store energy for when you need it

Batteries are the perfect solution for storing excess electricity generated by a solar PV system for use when you need it. The technology is finally here to bridge the gap between peak electricity production and periods of high energy demand, increasing self-consumption from your array.

During peak producing hours, surplus electricity produced is exported to an energy supplier, creating an income. Unfortunately, peak energy demand doesn't always match periods of high energy generation. Purchasing energy from an electricity supplier is at a higher rate than that which it was sold for, leaving you out of pocket. Batteries store surplus energy, allowing it to be drawn when you need it.

The Powerwall 2, manufactured by Tesla, is one of the leaders in battery storage. At 13.5 kWh, the Powerwall has almost double the capacity of its predecessor and can provide 5 kW of useable energy (7 kW peak). It can discharge 100% of the energy stored and can be retrofitted to all solar PV systems.

The sleek design of the unit allows it to be wall hung or ground mounted with the option of installation indoors or outdoors. Multiple units can be linked to increase storage capacity.

With a 10 year, unlimited cycle warranty, the Powerwall is currently one of the lowest lifetime cost per kWh stored batteries on the market.

Download the Tesla brochure

Battery storage benefits include:

  • Ability to maximise the consumption of your own electricity
  • An increase in dependency from the National Grid
  • Reduction on the impact of energy price increases
  • Considerably reduces your carbon footprint

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